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Latest sightings: CHEETAHS!
Blog Image On the morning of 16 February we had an amazing sighting of a cheetah family. We spotted the cheetahs on the H10 road just about 5km from Lower Sabie. We had just finished having breakfast at the Mlondozi picnic spot after an already satisfying morning game drive - we had seen two large herds of elephants, a pair of black-backed jackals and a large male lion in the road! Therefore it was extremely rewarding when we came across this beautiful female cheetah and her seven cubs!! (only six cubs are visible in this photograph). I got into a good position where we had a clear view of the whole group and turned off the engine. We watched and photographed the family for about 5 minutes before they started moving out from behind the long grass and decided to pose for us on an open stretch of bare ground, as can be seen from the photograph. The mother lay down for a while as the cubs played around. After another 15 minutes she got up and started moving again, this time directly in the direction of the road. The cubs followed and eventually they all cautiosly crossed the road one by one and disappeared into the thick vegetation on the other side. These seven cubs are quite a large litter of cubs. Females usually have only two to five cubs, although up to eight have been recorded. Cheetahs are at the bottom of the predator hierarchy, being much weaker compared to lions, leopards, hyaenas and wild dogs. Therefore cheetah numbers remain low in areas with a high concentration of other predators. The entire Kruger Park, for example, holds only about 200 cheetahs, compared to 2000 lions and 1000 leopards! Cub mortality is high and from a young age cheetah cubs learn that other predators are to be feared. It is estimated that only 1 in every 3 cheetah cubs live to survive past the age of two years. We can only hope for the best for these little ones....
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history of rolex watches

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